Fertility and sexuality: a hypnosis treatment

“Hypnosis can help you experience a fulfilling sexuality”

Fertility & sexuality treatment with hypnosis in Brussels

Whether it is a fear, an insecurity, a trauma or simply a tiny failure: the consequences on our self-confidence can sometimes be severe. Hypnosis and intimacy cover a wide array of opportunities.

Self-hypnosis frees us from blockages and energizes our love and sex life.

In women, by acting on unconscious blockages, hypnosis can help increase the chances of becoming pregnant. Some women are particularly concerned:

– You are afraid of pregnancy, childbirth and not being a good mother
– You are hyperactive and overworked: there is not much free space or time left in your

schedule for the arrival of a baby

Cabinet d' hypnose pour traiter les phobies, allergies et deuil difficile

“Every human being holds the keys to his or her change”

Hypnosis cannot be a substitute for medical treatment. On the other hand, it helps to overcome the disappointment and/or guilt of not being pregnant “spontaneously”. It allows you to:

  • Accept and experience MAP techniques
  • Manage the physical and psychological difficulties related to the actual context and medical treatment
  • Transform impatience into a more serene and confident expectation
  • Abandon a hectic lifestyle

If the unconscious mind has created this infertility, the aim is to encourage it to get rid of it through hypnosis.

Later in life, hypnosis treatments can also be used to treat menopausal concerns.

In men, hypnosis and intimacy also have their place. Some erectile dysfunctions are caused by unconscious patterns. Here, the treatment allows to question the unconscious mind and make a new start on a dynamic basis!

As for fertility, a hypnosis treatment will offer you serenity and help you treat yourself with kindness and care.

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Fertility – Sexuality
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