Treating a phobia or an allergy with hypnosis

Treating a phobia

Treating a phobia by hypnosis or emdr

You are brave enough to read these lines so be filled with gratitude! The kindness you choose to give yourself deserves to be congratulated and thanked.

There are… soooo many various phobias!

Let it be:

– elevators,

– spiders or other insects,

– crowds,

– heights,

– claustrophobia…

Basically, there are 1001 phobias and they prevent you from enjoying life to the full! This being said, a phobia can be treated by hypnosis.

Initially, phobia is an unconscious mechanism. Indeed, the unconscious mind wishes to protect us from an element perceived as dangerous… but obviously, it ends up over-protecting us! The slight mention of the stressor element can be stressful. I know something about that too! The unconscious mind has simply created this phobia and the aim is to encourage it to let it go through hypnosis.

However, it should be noted that:

– the unconscious mind always believes it is doing the right thing
– the unconscious mind always acts for our own good!

Thus, if we can make it understand that its reactions are mere exaggerations, we can treat a phobia with the help of hypnosis!

Cabinet d' hypnose pour traiter les phobies, allergies et deuil difficile

“Every human being holds the keys to his or her change”

Please note that the treatment itself is not to take place on the first time we meet. On this occasion, we will set up the protocol and make sure that everything will run as smoothly as possible.
The smoother it runs, the more efficient it will be!

Your hypnotherapist can help you dialogue with your subconscious, in order to develop effective, comfortable and fulfilling strategies. You will be amazed at the extraordinary resources of your subconscious in this matter: it can do everything… or almost everything! Treating a phobia with hypnosis or EMDR therefore helps to boost self-confidence and overcome fears!


Allergy: hypnosis treatment

“Results after only one or two sessions are very much appreciated!”

Treating a phobia by hypnosis or emdr

You aspire to feeling carefree again. Perhaps you want to be able to eat this or that meal or dish without having to ask for its exact composition. Rediscover a feeling of fluidity with your friends and family… so as to experience a lot more joy.

In the case of allergies, hypnosis treatment has proven to be very effective.

Allergies are experienced particularly negatively on a daily basis. Righteously so, allergy sufferers are often confronted with the following issues and difficulties:

– A feeling of lack of recognition,
– A need to constantly pay attention to everything… whether it be by checking every ingredient of every meal or even the brand of detergent products.
– The spontaneous and unexpected nature of allergy attacks

Allergy is the body’s abnormal and excessive reaction to a specific substance. The immune system’s response is inadequate and disproportionate.

Cabinet d' hypnose pour traiter les phobies, allergies et deuil difficile

“Every human being holds the keys to his or her change”

Hypnosis treatments make it possible to explain the erroneous nature of the reaction to the subconscious. It helps the unconscious mind to start over on a healthy basis, and very quickly too! Generally, hypnotherapy treatment can be done in a single session. Two sessions are sometimes necessary.

An allergy sometimes has remote origins. However, it may be an unconscious strategy in relation to a specific situation. In addition, hypnosis treatment makes it possible to take into account the person’s possible lack of self-confidence.

Life incidents
Fertility – Sexuality
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